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What makes our breakfasts so special, besides the love Elise and her staff put into them?

When the word "Breakfast" is part of the name of your business, we think that our inn breakfasts should be delightfully memorable.

What IS so special about our inn breakfasts? Well, we will tell you.

Elise, the Innkeeper, was a "health nut" before it was "cool" for the average consumer to shop weekly at health food stores and grow organic vegetables in the back garden. (Elise even raised her own dairy goat herd when her children were young to have a fresh, constant supply of fresh organic goat milk, because of children's allergies.)

Elise has had a passion for constantly learning about natural nutrition for over 3 decades, as well as Natural Preventive Health practices. New knowledge is discovered each year.

And that brings us to ingredients that we use in cooking at the Inn. Elise could take shortcuts and use much cheaper ingredients, but she doesn’t; quality ingredients in her food preparation are a must. We use as much organic staple ingredients, non-GMO cornstarch, and organic fruits and veggies as available. We also buy natural (no pesticides) fruits and veggies from local farmers as well as getting local free-range eggs. Truly "farm to table."

At the inn, we use real Maple Syrup, never imitation. We never use corn syrup for anything. We don't use the huge bulk containers of bleached flour. We use small batch unbleached ORGANIC flour. Yes, it’s certainly more pricey, but it’s worth it. Traditional conventional flour comes from wheat that is sprayed with “Round-Up” 10 days to 2 weeks before harvest. It causes an insect’s stomach to explode and causes stomach distress in many people.

We don’t use cheap ready baked goods. We make our own from scratch using quality ingredients such as organic flour, organic milk, local free range eggs. Another example: If a recipe calls for “lemon juice.” We never use the bottled kind but fresh squeeze a lemon for the juice. If we make “Hand Dipped Chocolate Strawberries,” we never use hydrogenated quick set cheap chocolate. We use quality chocolate and melt it. It takes longer but it is light years healthier. In fact, we never cook with trans fats or hydrogenated fats!

And if you have an allergy or have Celiac, we bake Gluten Free bakery goods, being careful not to cross-contaminate.

Though our muffins and breads contain sugar, we try to not overdo on the sugar. And we can do sugarless varieties if needed.

Our whipped cream is made fresh on-site.

If you let us know ahead of time, we can serve low-carb breakfasts, low-fat, gluten-free foods, or other can prepare food avoiding specific allergens if you let us know ahead of time, please!

If you have no allergies and are free to say, "Just surprise us!" We will, and I think you will be very pleased with the results. Our breakfasts are multiple courses, and many people tell us that they do not feel a need to eat lunch that day.

We fresh grind our regular and decaf coffee for our breakfast service. We purchase a specific organic coffee, both regular and decaffeinated. We have a large selection of hot teas available. Coffee (Flavia) and tea are available at all times throughout the day, in addition to bottled water and fruit or health drinks.

An example:

Eggs Benedict: Oven-roasted potatoes w/fresh rosemary, roasted, seasoned asparagus in olive oil, and homemade ‘from scratch’ Hollandaise sauce. We toast and butter our English muffins as the base, then add local ham and top with the Hollandaise and usually capers. Many times, organic spinach is layered on top of the ham. We grow our own herbs as well in our kitchen garden outside our plant room.

  • Fresh Fruit. We serve a variety of fresh fruit daily, often with organic vanilla yogurt and organic granola. We serve melons, parfaits, and freshly prepared fruit salads. We do not buy and serve pre-cut fruit. Even the fruit in our baked goods is freshly cut and prepared.
  • Or if you seriously just want organic oatmeal or scrambled eggs and toast, we can do that too, but it too will be delicious and have a lovely presentation.

We serve a large variety of Quiches, usually with a puff pastry crust or homemade organic crusts. Tuscan Spinach Artichoke Quiche with pesto and sundried tomatoes is one of our signature dishes.